Wardrobe Lockers

Sentinel® Wardrobe Lockers are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement personnel. One of our most popular product lines, wardrobe lockers are frequently […]

Evidence Lockers

The law enforcement industry requires a high level of storage security – the Sentinel® line of evidence lockers takes that security to the highest level. Whether […]

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers

Sentinel® Lockers has developed some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced refrigerated evidence lockers that meet and exceed UL standards for product safety […]

Duty Bag Lockers

The Sentinel® line of Duty Bag Lockers is our durable storage option for duty bags of all shapes and sizes. With three doors, one […]

Weapons Lockers

All gun lockers are not created equal. With more than 100 years’ experience of fabricating metal products, Sentinel® Lockers is equipped to handle any […]

Mini Lockers

The Sentinel line of customizable mini lockers is perfect for temporary storage of cell phones, keys, wallets, eyeglasses, pocket knives and countless other small […]

Visitor Lockers

Sentinel® sets the modern standard for visitor lockers. We have a long history of fabricating customized visitor lockers for securing personal items with a […]