Sentinel® Lockers has developed some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced refrigerated evidence lockers that meet and exceed UL standards for product safety and performance.


Our refrigerated evidence lockers feature:

  • Pass-thru or non-pass-thru versatility
  • Uniquely coded security locks with replaceable cylinder and proprietary keying system (keyless option available)
  • Multiple configurable door inserts
  • Forced air circulation
  • Electric condensate removal
  • Industrial grade hermetically sealed compressor
  • High density CFC-free urethane foam insulation
  • Factory set temperature at 4°C (39.2°F)
  • Two height models: 42 ½” and 82”
  • Digital readout thermometer
  • Standard alarm system
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen

Non-refrigerated evidence lockers are also available.

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