Sentinel® Wardrobe Lockers are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement personnel. One of our most popular product lines, wardrobe lockers are frequently requested during the renovation or construction of public safety facilities.


Some highlighted features of our popular Sentinel Wardrobe Lockers are:

  • Perforated and vented to maximize airflow
  • Built-in bench with an under-locker storage drawer
  • Reinforced doors and heavy-duty steel construction
  • Modular electrical system to plug in cell phones, radios, and other electronics
  • Customizable in size and interior shelving configuration
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit any locker room

We carry three main products with in our Wardrobe Locker product line:

  • The Airflow® Wardrobe Locker features spacious stationary compartments and optimal air flow to facilitate the drying and odor venting of clothing and footwear. The 24”-wide double-door units allow for better management of gear, while the lower drawer segments allow for seating and the storage of bulky duty bags. It contains a separate space for body armor and a lockable compartment for valuables.
  • The Infinity Locker has all the capabilities of the Airflow® Locker, but is designed to allow complete in-the-field flexibility. The shelves are completely customizable to allow each user to create their own ideal set-up.
  • The Personnel Locker is the perfect option for any police locker room when space is limited. Stationary compartments, vented doors and optional under-locker storage make the Personnel locker an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

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