Is it hard to turn the handles?
Due to our mechanically assisted gear drive, your 5-year-old could do it. Moves with less than two pounds of pressure and you can easily push a few at one time. Super easy!
Is access to the materials limited?
Depends on how many people are trying to access the system at the same time, and how many aisles are designed into the system. This is a design consideration and a proper design should not limit or slow down materials access.
How safe is it?
Really safe. After 30 years and over 1000 systems no reported injuries! Our systems always include one or more safety features.
How much does it cost?
Usually a lot less than the alternative of not having a system to optimize use of space. Our systems range in price from $5,000 to $1,000,0000, depending upon the size and required features of the application. An average sized system will cost approximately $60,000 and will double the storage capacity within the area.
Is a powered system better than a mechanical assist system?
Maybe, but we need to know more. Depends upon the use, what is being stored, how many people are accessing the system, etc....
How much more does it cost for an electric push-button system?
About 15% to 20% more for a powered system, depending upon the features requested.
What can be stored in one of these?
Easier to tell you what can't be stored in one of these system. As we like to say, we literally store everything from Artifacts to Zodiacs.
Are there size or weight limitations to what can be stored?
Probably, but we haven't run into them yet. We can accommodate just about anything.
How durable are they/How long will they last?
Our systems often outlive the buildings we install them in. A typical life cycle for one of our High Density Mobile Systems is over 30 years.
How long does it take to install a mobile shelving system?
Depends upon the size of the system, and where we're putting it. An average size system will take about 6 days to install.
What is the warranty?
10 years on some parts, Lifetime on other.
Who does the installation?
We do! As a licensed general contractor (Lic. No. 830316) we employ our own in-house team of professional installers. They are the best!
Can the system be moved or relocated in the future?
Indeed it can be.
Can the size of the system be modified after installation?
Yes. We can easily add or remove carriages, but it's tougher to change the length of each carriage - usually requires a new system altogether.
Are there certain features available we haven't talked about yet?
Tons! Automatic movement, auto lock, security doors, fence surroundings, custom end panels, lights, bells, I think whistles.....
What purchasing contracts, like GSA or GPO's are available?
GSA, Premier GPO, CMAS, and we are a certified small business in the State of California.
Can we see a reference system in an environment similar to ours?
Of course. In fact, you can see 10!
Does the installation of a system like this require a licensed contractor?
Yes, it's always critical to make sure your provider is licensed.

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