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The Lightning Bolt

  • Powered for push-button movement - Great for larger applications, 20’ to 80’ long storage rows
  • Also great for smaller applications which require speedy retrieval, access control and supreme safety
  • User may enter the aisle as it opens, reaching full width once inside, rather than manually opening full width prior to entering – nice bonus!
  • Frees up hands for users carrying items
  • Easy interface for physically challenged users

The Monster

  • Double the capacity of any warehouse!
  • Mobile rows up to 40’ high!
  • Extra-wide moveable carriages for back-to-back racking.
  • Remote control for access and aisle selection from fork truck
  • Works with most brands of racking

The Spinner

  • Ideal for small to mid-size applications
  • By small to mid-size, we mean 3' to 30' long shelving rows
  • The "Spinner" handle is mechanically assisted, which means heavy loads move with ease
  • Standard handle lock switch for safety and aisle lock-down
  • Able to move multiple rows at once for faster access