Whether you’re a member of law enforcement, a tactical response unit, or the armed forces, organization and readiness are key components to functioning at your best. Meet the Argos line of versatile weapons storage systems, designed to keep weapons, equipment, and ammunition secure, protected, and ready to mobilize.

This series of enclosed weapons cabinets and open weapon racks are fully customizable with interchangeable components for different weapons and gear. Argos weapon storage products are engineered to maximize efficiency and the use of space, all while staying organized and ready

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Weapons Storage Products

Argos Cabinet

Argos Weapons Storage Cabinet The Argos weapons storage cabinet is a universal weapons cabinet designed with hinged or fully retractable bi-fold doors, and are […]

Argos Racks

Argos Racks The Argos weapons storage open rack is a universal rack designed for the open storage of firearms and other gear in secured […]

Personal Pistol Locker

Personal Pistol Locker The Personal Pistol Locker is the newest addition to the Argos Security line of products. This weapons locker is designed for […]

Case Study: Air National Guard Storage


The Kentucky Air National Guard needed to expand their storage area where they house aircraft survival equipment.

The end goal was to consolidate space so that additional training supplies could be stored, to include Pelican storage cases, response gear, parachutes, ML-4 survival kits, and more.


A MobileTrak5 equipped with 4Post Shelving and custom racks were designed and installed to achieve their goal.

The MobileTrak5 reduced the footprint of their original storage area by over 40%, providing plenty of room for future expansion. This allowed the add-on room to be used for work and training areas, rather than storage.

The custom racks were designed specifically to hang parachutes. The previous system they used to hang their parachutes was very bulky and didn’t store enough parachutes.

This new system more than adequately met the Kentucky Air National Guard’s storage needs and provided them space for training and future expansion of their aircraft survival equipment.