Personal Pistol Locker


The Personal Pistol Locker is the newest addition to the Argos Security line of products. This weapons locker is designed for storage of pistols and other small items. It is perfect for weapons check-ins, courthouses, and other areas where temporary storage is needed.

Available in sizes that range from single tier to four tier versions, these lockers can keep a high number of weapons secure under lock and key. For additional security, each tier is keyed differently.


  1. Identifiable: Sequential tagging for identification of individual bays
  2. Secure: Individually keyed tiers for one-to-one access
  3. Durable: Heavy duty steel construction and durable powder coat finish
  4. Protect Valuables: Padded interior to protect stored firearms and other personal effects
  5. Accessible: Leveling glides for units placed on a surface


Colors & Finishes

Stealth (WS25) Battleship Gray (WS23) Desert Sand (WS56) Forest Green (WS66)

All products are painted with an electrostatic powder coat paint, ensuring a consistent, high quality, durable finish. We only use the most advanced painting technologies which are EPA tested and approved. Powder coat paint is solvent free and environmentally sound.

All product lines come with many options of color, melamine, and laminate. Custom color matching is available.

The paint, melamine, and laminate samples shown are for representational purposes only and are not true matches. Contact the factory if actual samples are required. Custom powder coat, melamine, and laminate options are available and may be subject to an increased cost and lead time.

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