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Collection storage & collection care. Arguably the single-most important undertaking  for museums both large and small. As collections continue to grow, efficient artifact  storage space and optimum convenience and control over artifacts have become  primary needs in today’s museum collection preservation strategies. California Space  Management, Inc. offers innovative storage solutions that help museums better  manage time, space and security.

  • Perfect For Long-Term Storage
  • Ensure The Safety Of Your Collection
  • Allow Staff To Easily Access Storage
  • Non-Off Gasing – Minimizing Deterioration
  • 100% Customizable To Fit Your Needs
  • Protection From Fire & Water
  • Cost Savings – Store More In-House

You name it – We’ll store it.

We understand that each and every Museum stores different types of objects and has different requirements. At CSM, we customize the perfect specialized storage area to exceed your needs. Whether you are storing paintings in art racks, smaller collections in bottles or drawers, or large collections that are made to fit, CSM has it all.

Nearly Tripled Storage Space at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Custom Drawers – All Easily Adjustable

Custom Drawers – All Easily Adjustable

Fully Customized Storage For Your Entire Collection

CMAS Purchasing Contract Available

You are always entitled to a free storage consultation by one of our CSM Team Members.

Use the contact info below to schedule your appointment, or call/email us for any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you and doubling your space.

– The CSM Team

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