The Sentinel® line of heavy-duty Military Field Gear (TA-50) Lockers is designed specifically for rugged military use. This specialized military locker is manufactured to accommodate issued equipment such as helmets, vests, rucksacks, cold weather gear, boots, rain gear, warfare equipment, gas masks, tool belts, training bags and wet suits, as well as personal belongings and uniforms.

Features include:

  • Overall size: 42”W x 24”D x 78”H
  • 2” x 2” continuous angle corners

  • Customizable interior components

  • Three-point locking mechanism

  • Optional lockable security compartment
  • Shelf with hanger bar

  • Four industrial-grade hinges per door

  • Perforated doors and sides provide ventilation

  • Dependable case aluminum hasp handle
  • Wide variety of durable powder coat finish options
  • Optional perforated shelf for equipment drying

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