This dynamic solution transformed the operations of this critical Navy unit. The Seal training facility operated as a large warehouse full of supplies piled on boxes, shelves, or simply grouped in clusters on the floor. This is where a large amount of gear was issued to the Seals in training. Activity would come in waves, as training sessions moved from one phase to another. Up to 120 Seals (in training) would “hit the counter” at one time, requesting their gear. One by one, staffers would check size of individual, head back “into the piles” of clothing, knives, scopes, diving gear, shoes, hats, and so on, pull the supplies and issue. A tremendous amount of time was spent on each issue and valuable training and/or rest time was lost.

The solution for this application was a combination of 16′ tall high-density mobile storage shelving units, three sets of horizontal carousel systems and one large vertical carousel. Post design and system installation, trainees would hit the country, staffers would turn around and select “large” (for a large size request) on the vertical carousel, hit the button and the complete set of large gear would appear, then turn to the vertical carousel for the smaller items such as knives and scopes, issue and repeat. Between issues staff would stage inventory in the high-density mobile storage system for bulk storage and stock the horizontal and vertical carousels as needed.

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