Are you tired of having files, supplies and clutter around your office and workspace?  Let the expert team of California Space Management design and install custom mobile shelving units and systems into your office space.  We meet your challenges of limited floor space, budget constraints, and future expansion with a full line of innovative storage, filing, and material handling equipment.  Available storage solutions include high density mobile storage systems, compact shelving, storage cabinets, storage lockers, weapon storage, modular caseworks and more – all with unmatched manufacturing efficiency.  To get started visit us online at or call a member of our friendly and knowledgable team at 800-873-1707.  California Space Management is your number one source of custom shelving storage units.

The Advantages of Mobile Shelving Storage Units

For every home or office, it is important to learn how to store items in an orderly manner. To ensure maximum organization, it is wise to use mobile shelving units which offer convenience. For those of you who have many items to store, you need to find a unique approach of storing your items. The traditional system of storing items might not be practical in some circumstances; therefore, mobile shelving storage could be the best solution.

Mobile Shelving Storage and Movable Shelving systems in San Diego have enabled many clients to learn how to effectively utilize storage spaces for keeping many items. If you have several items that you need to store in a comparative small area, mobile racking systems as they are commonly called are the best solution to keep a large collection of items. Many modern libraries, for example, use mobile shelving units as they have the ability to keep thousands of books in a neat and organized manner.

Good storage practices demand that you should ensure that floor space is utilized well in a manner that allows accessibility and free movement. Mobile Shelving Storage and Movable Shelving systems in San Diego have contributed to solving headaches which are caused by poor storage techniques which lead to wastage of space and resources. Mobile Shelving units are ideal because they can be pushed against each other to create room for one to use one isle. Since these stacks can be moved with ease from one location to another, it makes it easy for you to manage to store large items in a small amount of space.

You don’t need to worry about the heavy shelves since the stacks are on rollers and therefore free movement is possible. In case you are keen on learning more about these storage units, the experts at California Space Management design and install Mobile Shelving Storage and Movable shelving systems in San Diego and are professionals that you can consult for expert advice.

Clients who store items such as medical and school files, as well as police evidence files can benefit a lot from this system of storage. Nowadays, many people are keen on using these storage units because they are easy and flexible to manage. The units are fully modular, and additions or subtractions can be made depending on the space availability.

The need for modern shelving units has made it possible for many people to enjoy better management when it comes to storage space. Mobile Shelving Storage and Movable Shelving systems in San Diego have enabled customers to make better use of space to store more items. If you are keen on acquiring more efficient storage units, you need to invest in mobile shelving units.